Nothing is permanent, we are surrounded by change.

Our landscape is in constant change. It is changed by time, by climate and geology. It is changed by the interventions and influences of mankind. Changes to our landscape can be benign and beneficial or violent and catastrophic.

For the past five years documentary photographer John Brockliss has explored the impact of such changes on our landscape. His new exhibition titled ‘Metamorphosis, Landscapes of change’ is a collection of powerful landscape photographs shot in high-definition monochrome at spectacular locations across seven countries.

John’s dramatic images explore in detail the impact on our landscape of fire and ice, of erosion and tidal conflict, of rapacious mining and commercial exploitation, and social and economic upheaval.

‘Metamorphosis, Landscapes of change’ runs from Saturday 6 July – Saturday 27 July 2019. The gallery is open Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 5.30pm.
For further information please contact Sharon Whiting on 07792 058039

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