New Exhibition – Sketching a Succession 


Sketching a Succession is a group show that touches on the simultaneous realities that exist in photographs. Drawing together the works of Anne Erhard, Cameron Williamson and Eva Louisa Jonas this exhibition maps their shared interest in cyclical rhythms. The exhibition aims to grant new perspectives on the place of these artists within structures of order and chance. Through gathered images, pairings and test prints, their findings are visualized. A fluid sense of movement underpins this view of the world, where bodies in a landscape seem to shift in time with the seasons. Forms are at rest or manipulated, crashing seas lie below weathered structures, grass dries slowly in the shadows of trees. These slow observations allude to the importance of attention, of elevating to visibility what has long lain dormant – histories, unfolding as something at once personal and universal.

Sketching a Succession opens on Friday 16th October and runs until Saturday 31st October. The artists will be available throughout the weekend of 16/17/18 October from 12 – 6pm. For the remainder of the exhibition the gallery will be open Thurs / Fri / Sat 11 – 5.30pm

For further information, please contact Sharon Whiting,

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