Moving Still: Urban Landscapes is the first solo exhibition by Lyn Holly Coorg, an emerging Brighton based photographer.

Moving Still encapsulates the movement and transition that is omnipresent in everything that we see; even when captured as a Still.

Scenes, which make up our towns and cities, are constantly changing and transforming, they grow and move before our eyes and present themselves in differing and individual lights. Their presence when captured by Lyn offers a unique insight, an extraordinary interpretation of a more ordinary urban landscape.

These are images which resonate because of the familiarity; but delight because of the artistic understanding creating painterly qualities and travelling light. Moving Still describes both Lyn and her art and it is hoped that the dynamic images will also move the audience. These are images, which are deeply personal but are images that have been made to share and are open to interpretation and definition.

Moving Still: Urban Landscapes runs from Saturday 8th June – Saturday 30th June 2019. The gallery is open Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 5.30pm. For further information please contact Sharon Whiting on 07792 058039

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