Nat Reeves is mixed media artist based in Brighton. In 2022 his exhibition ‘Gratitude’ was a powerful collection of abstract works, created with the purpose of cutting through the chaos of the world in which we live to offer the viewer a space to focus on the positive. In Nat’s words “My paintings are reflections of what I see in my head when thinking about the subjects that I paint. Allowing the movements of my hands be led naturally by each passing thought, I choose themes that will be familiar to those viewing the paintings. Far-reaching yet invisibly and inextricably entwined, all my thoughts are rooted in gratitude. They are closely connected yet each is forging its own path, searching for new footholds. They give me hope! For this collection, I have selected a broader, brighter palette with bolder strokes and marks to convey the
depth of the meaning behind each painting. Each work features a cut sawn through the breadth of the layers of paint to represent the conflicts we face internally or externally, inherited or adopted. The cuts are a common theme in my work and play a big role in the overall composition and intrigue of each piece.”

As well as painting, music is also an essential element of Nat’s artistic life. He is signed to independent music label DeepMatter and stands among a talented roster of soul singers, beat-makers and jazz instrumentalists.