Katie Whitford b. 1995 is an artist based in London. Her work explores the everyday intimacies of home. Katie’s etchings and drawings are tightly packed with motifs and references. Her work is constructed from her own memories and experiences, woven with a range of visuals from films, museums, books and places. She carefully considers the spaces between objects and composes drawings and etchings rich in surface pattern and tone. She is driven by a fascination with the gentle ordinariness of home and the way in which objects charactarise a place, while narrating and describing a life. Katie studied for her BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths before accepting an 18-month scholarship at the Royal Drawing School, London. She has a masters in multi-disciplinary printmaking from the University of West England, Bristol. She has undertaken residencies and has work in private collections in Italy, France, UK, Ireland and America. She also has work in the Royal Collection and has exhibited at Bankside and Christies. In 2019, she was selected for the Paragon Press printing prize. In 2022 35 North hosted Katie’s first solo exhibition: Soft Lighting; from bathrooms to kitchen tables, this body of work observes the quiet intimacies of home and place. A series of etchings with aquatint details real, fictional and imagined scenes that examine the private spaces we inhabit, the objects we live amongst, in the rooms where much of life happens. Katie enriches the surface of her work with the process of aquatint, creating a range of tones to work with the delicate etched lines to depict softly lit moments.